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Doctors spoilers: Can Daniel Granger boost Jimmi Clay's spirits?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Daniel Granger
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Daniel spends time with Jimmi behind bars on Doctors. But is troubled Jimmi strong enough to resist the temptation of drugs?

In his new role as a prison medic, Dr Daniel Granger (played by Matthew Chambers) is determined to help his colleague Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) get back on track on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Jimmi appears to have lost all hope of getting released from prison, after he was framed for drugs possession before Christmas.

While on duty at the prison, Daniel is pleased to hear Jimmi has stopped taking the illegal spice supplied to him by his prison cellmate, Bowser (Nicholas Aaron).

But when the pair play some basketball together and talk turns to the outside world, Jimmi's spirits come crashing down again when he is reminded of everything he has lost over the past few months.

Is Jimmi strong enough to resist taking drugs again?

Back at the surgery, nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) hosts her first chronic condition support network.

At the event, Ayesha hits it off with patient Luis Plimmer (Dave Galbraith) who has lupus. Dave agrees to be a case study for the dissertation Ayesha is writing.

However, it turns out Luis is not the good guy he seems when two other patients, Collette Coleman (Honey Gabriel) and Sam Gillman (Tonia Daley-Campbell) realise he has been dating them BOTH!

Luis has been attending other chronic support groups during the week and sneakily dating a woman in each.

Love rat ALERT!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One