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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Granger and Zara Carmichael clash over Becky Clarke

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Daniel Granger
(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel and Zara have a disagreement over whether eager young Practice Manager Becky is the right replacement for Mrs Tembe

Now that Daniel Granger and Zara Carmichael have fallen out again, it doesn't look like they will ever agree on anything ever again!

Mrs Tembe interrupts the couple squabbling about a potential supplier problem and immediately finds a way to solve the problem. Then she tells them about her meeting with Becky Clarke, a potential replacement Practice Manager for the surgery, who will be visiting The Mill for a chat.

However, it's not long before Daniel and Zara are arguing again over Becky's suitability for the job! Can Mrs Tembe convince the pair to give Becky a chance?

Meanwhile, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins has been putting off getting her vaccinations done ahead of her and hubby Rob's cruise.

But when it comes time for Sid Vere to do the injections, he discovers Karen is a very reluctant patient!

Doctors, Emma Reid, Bev Haverly, Eileen Maynard

Emma tries to help a stressed-out mum Bev with her family dramas (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Emma Reid finds herself advising a stressed-out mum Bev Haverly, who is stuck between her layabout student son Sean and her overbearing mum Eileen Maynard.

Can Emma find a solution to help Bev get away from the pressures of her mother and son?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One