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Doctors spoilers: Does Daniel Granger regret his split with Zara Carmichael?

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Zara Carmichael, Joe Granger Carmichael

Things are totally awkward between Daniel and Zara at the surgery since their official break-up. Is Daniel having second thoughts about their split?

While it seems like it is business as usual for no-nonsense Zara Carmichael, her husband Daniel Granger is having a tougher time dealing with the couple's official break-up.

As the pair struggle to be around each other at work, it's all too much for Daniel when he overhears an awkward attempt by Sid Vere to apologise to Zara for their one-night stand which ultimately sealed Zara and Daniel's doom.

During a boring meeting about budgets, Daniel suddenly blurts out he misses Zara! How will she react?

Meanwhile, sci-fi fan Al Haskey has big news for new girlfriend Catrin Ballard. He's going to get his hands on a rare collectable figurine that he has wanted for ages. Of course Al is thrilled Catrin totally understands his high levels of excitement.

In the heat of the moment, Al gets so carried away he says something that could completely change their relationship - but what?

Doctors, Emma Reid, Jas Woolnough

Emma meets Jas, who is convinced foul play is afoot (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Dinah Brunton

What's happened to Dinah's husband Jack? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Emma Reid clashes with DI Mark Addison over the case of a man who may or may not be missing.

Dinah Bruton finds herself questioned when her husband Jack disappears and blood splatters are found on the floor at the couple's home.  A worried neighbour, Jas Woolnough, gives a police statement too. But is there more to the case than meets the eye?

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