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Doctors spoilers: Ex-Corrie star Sean Ward joins the cast as Becky Clarke's boyfriend

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Tam Campbell

Surgery practice manager Becky Clarke is super-excited about the arrival of her boyfriend Tam. But he's feeling down in the dumps after losing his job...

Ex-Coronation Street star Sean Ward, who played bad boy Callum Logan, joins the cast of Doctors for a guest run as Becky Clarke's boyfriend, Tam Campbell.

Becky is super-excited Tam is moving down from Scotland to Letherbridge and they can finally live together as a couple. She's even bought new pillows to celebrate!

However, the good news is overshadowed by the fact Tam has just lost his job and is not really in the mood when Becky wants to celebrate his arrival.

Meanwhile, there's a surprise for Karen and Rob Hollins when they receive a call from Social Worker, Sofia Lilanga, wondering if the couple can take on the care of a six-year-old boy at short notice, until the outcome of a child-protection conference. What will Karen and Rob decide to do?

Of course, the pair have no idea this is all connected to the case of six-year-old Mikey Taylor-Wood, whose parents Beth and Jadie Taylor-Wood are now under investigation by Social Services.

Horrified by the turn of events and the fact it was Dr Al Haskey who reported them to Social Services, Beth storms down to the surgery, where she accuses Al of judging them and being homophobic...

Doctors, Dean Mayal, Jess Mayal, Ethan Ibbertson

Three's a crowd for Dean, Jess and Ethan! (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, nurse Ayesha Lee finds herself getting involved when a patient Jess Mayal shares her woes in trying to send an unwanted houseguest Ethan Ibbertson (played by Lee Otway who was David 'Bombhead' Burke in Hollyoaks back in the day!) packing, so that Jess and her husband Dean can finally have their home back to themselves again.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One