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Doctors spoilers: Ex-EastEnders star David 'Joey Branning' Witts makes guest appearance

Doctors, Kyle Rhys, Maya Jordan
Programme Name: <a href="/doctors-main/" data-source-seowords>Doctors</a> 2018/19 - TX: 08/03/2019 - Episode: Doctors 2018/19 - S20 - ep 80 (No. 80) - Picture Shows: Kyle Rhys (DAVID WITTS), Maya Jordan (YAZZMIN NEWELL) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Screen grab (Image credit: BBC)

He plays Love Island wannabe Kyle Rhys who is pressuring his girlfriend Maya Jordan to have some cosmetic surgery at The Mill

Remember Max Branning's nephew Joey in EastEnders? In today's episode of Doctors, David Witts plays Love Island wannabe Kyle Rhys, who drops his worried girlfriend Maya Jordan off at The Mill for minor surgery but doesn't stick around to support her.

Maya is scared of having surgery and Dr Sid Vere soon discovers her boyfriend Kyle is putting pressure on her to have the surgery to remove a visible cyst between her breasts.

After Maya reveals how she has always lacked body-confidence because she was bullied at school about the cyst, Sid makes it clear it has to be Maya's choice whether or not to have the procedure. But how will Kyle react when he discovers Sid has been influencing Maya's decision?

Meanwhile, Valerie Pitman returns to work for the first time since her 'poison pen letters' to murdered Grant Hill were leaked to the press. And there's a twist in the murder re-investigation when Rob Hollins discovers Grant's dad was not his biological father. Was this an oversight in the original investigation on the part of Rob's colleague DI Mark Addison?

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Ms Rooney

Ms Rooney complains to Becky about Emma (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Becky Clarke is confronted by an angry obese patient, Ms Rooney who complains Dr Emma Reid has 'fat shamed' her. Can Becky find a way to keep the peace... again!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One