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Doctors spoilers: Goodbye and good luck! It's Mrs Tembe's FINAL episode

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement

Things get emotional at The Mill, as Mrs Winifred Tembe is leaving the surgery after eight years to go off and become a vicar!

The day has finally arrived for Mrs Winifred Tembe to pack her bags and leave Letherbridge and move to Newcastle to begin her training to become a vicar.

With replacement practice manager Becky Clarke ready to move into Mrs Tembe's office, there's not much left for her to do but to go around The Mill saying her goodbyes and offering some parting words of wisdom.

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey, Sid Vere, Gordon Clement, Mrs Tembe

The staff of The Mill bid farewell to Mrs Tembe (Picture: BBC)

Later, with her fella Gordon Clement by her side, the normally no-nonsense Mrs Tembe is close to tears as Dr Daniel Granger gives a farewell speech and the staff all raise a glass in her honour.

Goodbye to Mrs Tembe... and good luck!

Meanwhile, the celebration at The Mill means Daniel and his wife Zara Carmichael have been trying to remain civil with each other. But it looks like all hell is set to break loose again, when the couple's troubled son Joe is suspended from school for punching another child...

Doctors, Masie Evans, Sandra Armstrong, Kevin Armstrong

Jimmi gets mixed-up in some family squabbles (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Jimmi Clay is amused when he is mistaken for an estate agent and finds himself caught up in the family dramas of Sandra Armstrong, her son Kevin and his pregnant girlfriend Maisie.

What will Jimmi do when Kevin wants to get power of attorney over Sandra?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One