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Doctors spoilers: What does the future hold for Dr Jimmi Clay?

It is the moment of truth as Jimmi signs away his partnership rights at The Mill, leaving Zara and Daniel free to take over the surgery. Yikes!

The big moment has arrived as Jimmy finally signs away his partnership rights and becomes a regular GP again, much to the delight of Zara and Daniel who have big plans for the surgery.

Jimmi heads off to the pub with Penny and Al to celebrate. But he wonders what the future holds.

Elsewhere, Ruhma hopes she'll find out everything she needs to know, when her daughter Alia's new boyfriend Tariq comes round for tea. Alia is very nervous and wants to cancel the evening but Tariq turns on the charm for Ruhma and appears to have passed the test!

But will it all be too much for concerned mum Ruhma when she later interrupts the pair passionately kissing? And will her interference cause trouble between her and Alia?

Catch Doctors from Monday 4th June at 1:45pm on Channel 5