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Doctors spoilers: Karen and Rob Hollins try to help traumatised James Coulter

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Karen Hollins, James Coulter

After finding her former foster son James living rough on the streets, Karen has brought him home. But what's wrong with James?

Karen and Rob Hollins are relieved their former foster son James Coulter has been found at last. But what was James doing living rough on the streets of Letherbridge?

As the couple try to reconnect with James, it soon becomes clear the lad is traumatised when he starts screaming after having a bad dream.

Unsure of what has happened to James since he moved out of the Hollins house earlier this year, Karen and Rob turn to Dr Heston Carter for medical advice.

Meanwhile, the return of James puts pressure on nurse Ayesha Lee's relationship with social worker Leo Tomas.

Karen still blames Leo for allowing James to slip through "the system", and when Leo meets up with Ayesha, she can tell he's feeling down in the dumps about the way things have turned out.

Can Ayesha put aside her own worries about their relationship to help Leo through this diffcult time?

Doctors, Bill Radnage, Amelia Gore/Mia Carper, Daniel Granger

Daniel is branded a murderer and blackmailed by student Mia (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Dr Daniel Granger discovers the downside of fame when a student, Mia Carper approaches him for an interview about his TV shopping channel appearances.

But no sooner is the interview under way, Mia angrily accuses Daniel of flogging collagen creams that are made from fish and calls him a "Murderer!"

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One