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Doctors spoilers: Leo Tomas comforts Ayesha Lee after a shock tragedy

Doctors, Leo Tomas, Esther Warden

Social worker Leo comforts nurse Ayesha after a shock family tragedy leaves her blaming herself over what has happened...

Ayesha Lee is still reeling from the discovery her four-year-old patient Holly Ashbury never had the MMR vaccine and may now have the life-threatening disease, measles.

As Holly remains under observation at the hospital, nurse Ayesha finds herself caught in the drama between Holly's parents Jacob and Ruby Ashbury. When Jacob discovers Ruby never allowed their daughter to have the MMR vaccine because of her fears it can cause autism, he is furious!

Doctors, Jacob Ashbury, Ruby Ashbury

Tragedy strikes for parents Jacob and Ruby (Picture: BBC)

But things go from bad to worse for the family when social worker Leo Tomas reports that he has received an anonymous phonecall from someone accusing the couple of neglecting Holly. But who has made the complaint?

While Leo investigates further, Holly's condition suddenly deteriorates, and hospital doctors and nurses race to save the little girl's life...

Meanwhile, the plans for the Minor Surgery Unit are still the talk of The Mill and Mrs Tembe wonders who's on board with the MSU and who isn't. Will Dr Heston Carter and Dr Zara Carmichael's bickering ruin their chances of getting Dr Sid Vere involved?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One