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Doctors spoilers: Ruhma Carter gets the blame for a medical emergency!

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Doug Machin
(Image credit: BBC)

It looks like it's all going to end in tears between Ruhma and Doug on Doctors when pregnant Carrie is rushed to hospital...

Ruhma Carter (played by Bharti Patel) quickly regrets mixing business and pleasure on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Carrie Wade (Sarah Ovens) is furious after catching midwife Ruhma kissing her fiance, Doug Machin (Michael Hobbs) and becomes convinced they have been having an affair behind her back the whole time!

Ruhma, who has agreed to be Carrie's private midwife, tries to explain. But it's all too much for pregnant Carrie, who suddenly goes into labour...

But things take a further terrible turn when Carrie is rushed to hospital, where she has heavy bleeding and needs emergency surgery!

Will both Carrie and her baby survive? And will Ruhma get the blame for her ordeal?

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) is alarmed when he discovers his teenage daughter, Izzie Torres (Bethan Moore) has secret plans to cutdown the nets in the trees that she believes are responsible for harming local wildlife.

Daniel is reluctant to help but then surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) gets in on the secret plans.

Valerie insists they carry out their plans under the cover of darkness, wearing masks.

But just as the trio are in the middle of their mission, police sirens are heard!

Are Daniel, Izzie and Valerie about to get caught?

Doctors, Emma Reid, Zara Carmichael

Zara continues to support Emma in the aftermath of the attack on Doctors

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) continues with her Victim Support sessions after the attack.

Emma still doesn't feel ready to face the world, especially after what happened between her and girlfriend Jasmine Dajani (Lara Sawalha).

However, work colleague and bestie Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) isn't about to let Emma hide away on her own and arrives at Emma's house on a mission to cheer her up!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One