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Doctors spoilers: Musical theatre fave Ruthie Henshall guest stars!

Doctors, Ruthie Henshall as Miranda Evans
(Image credit: BBC)

Ruthie Henshall, of hit musicals including Chicago and Billy Elliot, guest stars on Doctors as the infamous new head of the Patient Participation Group

Ruthie Henshall begins a recurring guest role on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Stage star Ruthie, who also appeared on last year's series of I'm A Celebrity on ITV, plays Miranda Evans, the new head of the Patient Participation Group.

At the PPG meeting, business manager Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) is expecting the worst.

Surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) has already warned Bear that Miranda is a terrible manager and an absolute bully!

Things don't get off to a good start when Bear tells an attractive older woman that he has heard the new head of the PPG is a real battle-axe.

Bear quickly discovers that he is talking to THE Miranda Evans.


Back at the surgery, Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) is still trying to come-up with ideas for the charity fundraiser he has agreed to.

Leave it to Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) to think of an unexpected fundraising activity.

But WHAT is it?

Doctors spoilers, Tony Loreto

Garage boss Tony makes a SHOCK discovery about his son Adam on today's episode of Doctors...

Meanwhile, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) finds herself caught-up in some BIG family drama.

Tony Loreto (Enzo Squillino Jnr) and his ex, Mandy Gilbert (Helen Sheals) reluctantly reunite to celebrate their son, Adam's (Matthew Marcelis) graduation day.

But things take a dramatic turn, when Adam flees the scene to the surgery to see Emma.

Stressed-out over a clash between his parents, Adam starts to smash the mirrors in the surgery toilets...

Doctors spoilers, Adam Loreto

A troubled student may be dealing with a mental illness on Doctors

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One