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Doctors spoilers: Sid Vere collapses... has he been poisoned?

Doctors, Sid Vere
Programme Name: <a href="/doctors-main/" data-source-seowords>Doctors</a> 2018/19 - TX: 06/03/2019 - Episode: Doctors 2018/19 - S20 - ep 78 (No. 78) - Picture Shows: Sid Vere (ASHLEY RICE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Screen grab (Image credit: BBC)

There's panic at The Mill when Sid suddenly collapses leading Ayesha to wonder if he has been poisoned by Charlotte Hill...

Things are still frosty between Sid Vere and Ayesha Lee after she accused him of fancying new patient, Charlotte Hill.

However, Sid starts to wonder if Ayesha's suspicions are right when Charlotte pops up again when the medic just happens to be at the Icon bar. Charlotte wants a coffee and a chat as she's still finding it hard to adjust to life on the outside after being released from prison, having previously been convicted of murdering her husband Grant.

But with Ayesha's accusations playing on his mind, Sid decides to keep his distance. However, he may be too late to save himself! Later, he suddenly collapses back at the surgery, leading Ayesha to worry he may have been poisoned by Charlotte!

Doctors, Valerie Pitman

Valerie is out to clear her name... (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman is still a suspect in Grant Hill's murder, having worked with him back in 2007.

But determined to clear her name and rescue her reputation, Valerie decides to play armchair detective and creates her own police incident board at home. As Valerie attempts to piece the clues together, she suddenly remembers a vital piece of information that could help crack the case! But what is it?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Zara Carmichael is asked to spy on a child psychiatrist friend of hers, whose behaviour is becoming a concern at the private clinic where she works.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One