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Doctors spoilers: There's a battle of the sexes in the table tennis semi-final!

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Valerie Pitman, Sid Vere, Ayesha Lee

Valerie and Ayesha are the favourites to triumph in the semi-final of the surgery table tennis tournament. But has Valerie lost her mojo?

There's high excitement at the surgery as the staff get ready for the semi-final of the table tennis tournament being played in honour of their late colleague Dr Heston Carter.

So far, nurse Ayesha Lee and receptionist Valerie Pitman are the favourites to win with their hard-to-beat batting skills. However, in the lead-up to the competition it looks like poor Valerie has lost her mojo!

Can Al Haskey coach Valerie back to brilliance? And who will smash their way to victory in the semi-final?

Meanwhile, Zara Carmichael tries to make amends with her stepdaughter Izzie Torres after snapping at her over the weekend. Zara is getting increasingly stressed-out by tweenager Izzie's bad behaviour but knows she needs to try and keep the peace for the sake of her husband, Daniel Granger.

However, little does Zara know but Izzie is secretly suffering from period cramps and not in the mood to play nice with Zara. But what trouble does the terrible tweenager have in store for Zara next?

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Chantelle Luther, Jude Dawson, Precious Dawson

Mrs Tembe has a bad hair day when she meets squabbling salon owners Jude and Precious! (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, surgery practice manager Mrs Tembe gets more than she bargained for when she heads to a local hair salon and finds herself caught-up in the drama of the salon's new owners, squabbling sisters Jade and Precious Dawson.

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