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Doctors spoilers: Why does Karen Hollins meet with social worker Sofia?

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Sofia Lilanga

Despite her husband Rob's warning to let 'the system' handle things, Karen meets with social worker Sofia Lilanga about new foster son Mikey

Karen and Rob Hollins have been fostering six-year-old Mikey Taylor-Wood since he was removed from the care of his parents, Jadie and Beth.

However, having now met Jadie and Beth, Karen is not convinced the mums are entirely to blame for the situation, having seen what an active and clumsy child Mikey is. Might this explain some of his past injuries?

However, when Karen meets with Jadie and Beth again, she is the bearer of bad news...

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Beth Taylor-Wood, Jadie Taylor-Wood

Karen has bad news for Beth and Jadie about their son Mikey (Picture: BBC)

After Jadie's angry meeting with social worker Sofia Lilanga last week, the women have been banned from contacting Mikey again. Seeing Jadie and Beth's desperation as their son disappears into 'the system', surgery receptionist Karen wants to find a way to help.

But should she heed policeman's Rob's warning and leave it to Social Services to handle the situation?

Doctors, Sid Vere, Nathan Jonathan, Amani "James" Bol

Can Sid get to the bottom of a complicated relationship? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Dr Sid Vere attends a Rapid Response call and finds himself involved in a complicated relationship between an injured young man Amani 'James' Bol and Nathan Jonathan, who may or may not be James's dad. What's going on?

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