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Doctors spoilers: Will Al Haskey leave Letherbridge with Frances Harrison?

Doctors, Al Haskey, Frances Harrison
(Image credit: BBC)

Dr Al Haskey faces a big dilemma after lady love Frances announces she's leaving in a few days to start her new job in New Zealand...

Al Haskey was thrilled to be reunited with vicar Frances Harrison, who he first met when he attended his father's memorial service in 2017 and she helped him deal with an awkward family rift.

After a pep talk from his surgery colleagues Jimmi Clay and Ayesha Lee about dating etiquette, Al spent an out-of-this-world day with Frances which included building a 'space craft' ready to launch into the sky!

Doctors, Al Haskey, Eve Haskey

Al was reunited with his mum Eve following the death of his dad in 2017 (Picture: BBC)

Their date appeared to be coming towards the perfect finish when Al, remembering Ayesha and Jimmi's advice, moved in for a kiss. Unfortunately their car seat belts stopped them getting any closer!

The medic had hoped he'd get the chance to do it all again with Frances. Unfortunately, it's like somebody just let the air out of his tyres after Frances revealed she is soon to leave Letherbridge to start her new job in New Zealand. In a matter of days...

Now Al faces a big dilemma. He doesn't want to be parted from Frances. But is he ready to leave Letherbridge and move to New Zealand with her? What's a doc to do?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One