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Doctors spoilers: Will Ayesha Lee and Sid Vere have a falling out?

Doctors, Ayesha Lee

Ayesha feels frustrated when she discovers she can't afford to buy her own home... and takes her anger out on colleague, Sid!

Having decided it's time she made the move and finally buy her own home, nurse Ayesha Lee is annoyed when she finds the perfect place but can't afford it.

She takes out her frustrations on surgery colleague, Sid Vere. Because of Sid's privileged upbringing, angry Ayesha thinks he can't possibly understand her problems and never will.

Sid tries to fight his corner but instead he and Ayesha get into a squabble about Sid's choice in women, who Ayesha reckons are all rather similar to Sid's mum, Estelle! Is she right?

Doctors, Becky Clarke

Becky is caught offguard by a handsome cleaner! (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere at The Mill, practice manager Becky Clarke is annoyed the cleaners aren't doing their jobs properly and calls the company to give them a piece of her mind.

However, she's in for a pleasant surprise when hunky and handsome Enzo D'Agostino (played by ex-EastEnders star Jack Derges, whose character Andy Flynn got mixed-up with Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell back in 2016) arrives from the cleaning company to see what the problem is.

Can the now single Becky find a way to show Enzo around the dirty practice while possibly flirting with him at the same time?

Doctors, Ruhma Carter

Ruhma tries to reason with a man who wants his wife to give birth in an underground bunker (Picture: BBC)

And midwife Ruhma Carter meets pregnant Lorna Muldoon and her husband, Colm, who have turned their home cellar into a survival bunker ahead of the apocalypse. Say what?!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One