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Doctors spoilers: Will Becky Clarke split from boyfriend Tam Campbell?

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Tam Campbell

London or Letherbridge? What will surgery practice manager Becky decide when boyfriend Tam asks her to leave her new job for him?

Becky Clarke's fella, Tam Campbell (played by ex-Corrie star Sean Ward), has only been in Letherbridge for five minutes and he's already thinking about moving on!

Having just been made redundant from his job in IT, Tam is on the lookout for a new opportunity and breaks the news to Becky he has an interview for a new job... in London.

Becky is enjoying the fact the couple are finally living together, since Tam's move down from Scotland. But she's left with a tricky dilemma when Tam remains set on the job and asks her to leave her new job at The Mill and move down to London with him! What will Becky decide to do?

Meanwhile, foster parents Karen Hollins and her husband Rob are finding it a challenge looking after six-year-old Mikey Taylor Wood. And when the boy falls off a bed with a thump, they wonder if they should take him to A&E.

Karen thinks they should alert Mikey's parents Beth and Jadie about his tumble, but policeman Rob warns her not to get involved in the situation which is being handled by Social Services.

However, unknown to Karen and Rob, there's more trouble in store when frustrated mum Jadie loses her temper with social worker Sofia Lilanga...

Doctors, Roland Mason, Amber Mason

Roland makes a SHOCK accusation against the father of sister Amber's baby (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Dave Carpenter

Is this the real Dave Carpenter? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, surgery midwife Ruhma Carter finds herself in the middle of some awkward family drama between heavily pregnant Amber Mason and her boyfriend Dave Carpenter, and Amber's politician brother Roland Mason who arrives with the shock claim, the real Dave Carpenter died nine years ago! So who is the man who is the father of Amber's baby?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One