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Doctors spoilers: Will Daniel Granger declare his love for Becky Clarke?

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Becky Clarke

Daniel can't get Becky out of his head since they spent the night together. Is the medic ready to tell her how he really feels?

Daniel Granger hasn't been able to stop thinking about Becky Clarke, since she took leave from the surgery last month to go and look after her ill Grandmother.

Of course, nobody knows Daniel and Becky spent the night together after attending a charity event. Certainly not Daniel's estranged wife, Zara Carmichael!

With Becky on his mind, Daniel is conflicted over whether to call her while she's still on holiday. And more so, does she feel the same way as him?

Doctors, Sasha Croft, Jay Pendry

Zara tries to help grieving young couple, Sasha and Jay. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Zara puts herself in a dangerous situation when she tries to help a young mum, Sasha Croft deal with the death of her baby.

Sasha fears for her boyfriend, Jay Pendry, who is in a spiral of depression and in danger of kickstarting his drug habit again.

Doctors, Barry Biglow, Zara Carmichael

Is Zara putting herself in danger? (Picture: BBC)

Determined to help the couple, Zara teams up with policeman Barry Biglow to go in search of Jay at a local drugs den...

Elsewhere, receptionist Valerie Pitman encourages midwife Ruhma Carter to sign-up for a life drawing class.

Will embracing her art again help Ruhma find focus and get back on track after the death of her husband Heston last year?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One