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Doctors spoilers: Zara Carmichael has a warning for Daniel Granger

Doctors spoilers, Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Zara Carmichael
(Image credit: BBC)

As the hunger strike at the university continues on Doctors, Zara Carmichael warns her partner, Daniel not to get involved. Will he listen?

Zara Carmichael (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) is worried that her partner, Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) is getting too involved with the university hunger strike on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Daniel still feels partly responsible, after students Anita Chandola (Hannah Khalique-Brown) and Maisie Wilson (Silvia Presente) took the medic's previous words of advice to heart when they started the protest.

Doctors spoilers, Anita Chandola

Anita tries to recruit more students for the university hunger strike on Doctors

As the student protest continues, Zara warns Daniel not to get further involved.

However, with Anita and Maisie recruiting more students to join their cause, Daniel heads off to meet with university Pro-Vice Chancellor, Matthew Portman (Jason Thorpe) again.

Daniel is alarmed that Matthew wants to request force-feeding unless the students stop their protest, which could jeopardise a BIG financial deal Matthew has in place for the university.

What can Daniel do to help but things truly start to get out of hand?

Doctors spoilers, Zara Carmichael, Debbie Snell

Zara Carmichael (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) tries to help when a mum Debbie suddenly fails to recognise her own daughter, Rosie on Doctors...

Meanwhile, Zara has drama of her own to deal with, when she meets Debbie Snell (Emma Manton) and her daughter, Rosie (Naomi Morris).

Rosie feels awkward when she and her mum arrive for an appointment with Zara, to discuss the teenager's irregular periods.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Debbie suddenly seems unable to recognise her own daughter!

Doctors spoilers, Debbie Snell, Rosie Snell

Will Rosie find out what is really wrong with her mum, Debbie on Doctors?

Rosie's gran, Sue (Cally Lawrence) reckons Debbie is suffering from early onset menopause.

But as Debbie's strange behaviour continues, could it be there's a DIFFERENT diagnosis?

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One