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Doctors spoilers: Zara Carmichael confronts Izzie Torres over online photos

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Izzie Torres

Zara is haunted by the nightmare of Daniel's stabbing and Joe's kidnapping when she finds out Izzie is posting family photos online...

Zara Carmichael is in for more humiliation at the hands of her horrible stepdaughter Izzie Torres when the medic discovers the tweenager has posted an embarrassing photo of her online.

However, when Zara also notices Izzie has been sharing other family photos online, she is immediately concerned for the safety of her family. After all, it wasn't long ago Zara and her husband Daniel Granger were menaced by a gang who stabbed Daniel and briefly snatched their young son Joe to scare Zara off from testifying against them in court.

Zara tries to warn Izzie they all need to be careful about what they share online. But will the girl listen?

Meanwhile, Reverend Viv Marchant drops into The Mill to see how Mrs Tembe is coping in the aftermath of the car crash that killed her good friend Dr Heston Carter and has caused her to question her faith.

Doctors, Sid Vere, Rev Viv Marchant

What's wrong with the Rev? (Picture: BBC)

But this time it is Mrs Tembe who is worried about Viv, who has a terrible sounding cough. Practice manager Mrs Tembe takes charge and insists the vicar see Dr Sid Vere immediately. Is there something seriously wrong with Viv?

Doctors, Logan Bridges, Zoe Bridges, Daisy Bridges

Logan's mum Zoe and her daughter Daisy get glammed-up for another wild night out (Picture: BBC)

And surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman tries to help an art student Logan Bridges, who is having a nightmare time at home with his boozy mum Zoe and his wildchild sister Daisy.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One