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Dr Browning drags Mercedes down the aisle!

Dr. Browning is practically dragging a dishevelled Mercedes down the aisle but the devious pair eventually ties the knot. Mercedes finds Myra in the wardrobe and Myra tells her daughter to leave Browning, or she'll tell the police. Meanwhile, Browning opens one of the wedding presents to find an exact match of the scarf he strangled Lynsey with and a note "I know what you did".

Sienna is elated when Darren makes her lunch as a "thank you". Darren starts to wonder whether his feelings for Sienna are more than just friendly. He tells her how he feels and they're about to kiss, when Nancy returns.

Patrick is surprised when Maxine gets a job as manager of College Coffee but when the power goes to her head and George quits, Patrick revels in her failure.

Maxine makes Patrick an offer he can't refuse and he has to submit when the venue for an event he's hosting falls through and Maxine offers up the coffee shop as a substitute.