EastEnders: Phil Mitchell is scared Louise's life is in danger!

EastEnders Midge, Keanu Taylor and Phil Mitchell
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Phil discovers his dodgy dealings may have put Louise in danger, Bernadette, Sonia and Whitney try to save Tiffany, and Mitch has a surprise encounter

Louise is in a huff when Keanu ignores her and her day gets even worse when a bloke spills coffee all over her in the café. In a bid to make Keanu jealous, however, Louise gets flirty with the mystery man.

But what is the man really up to? Keanu quickly realises that the guy hanging around Louise is Midge, one of the heavies in Spain that attacked him. Concerned for Louise, Keanu quickly rushes out to get Phil, who tells Louise to leave the café.

Phil confronts Midge and warns him to stay away from his daughter. A threatening Midge tells Phil that he wants payback for the money that Phil lost him. He makes it clear that Louise could be in danger if Phil doesn’t cough up.

A desperate Phil knows he’ll need to get the money for Danny and Midge fast. His only option is to get his money back from Alfie. In a bid to find out where Alfie’s gone, Phil talks to Tommy. Will Tommy tell him the truth? Later, Phil gives Keanu an important job, telling him to protect Louise at all costs…

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher Whitney Dean and Sonia Fowler

Sonia and Whitney try to stop Tiffany from leaving.

Bernadette spills the beans to Whitney and Sonia about how deep Tiffany is involved with the gang. They come up with a plan to lure Tiff back to the Square but when she turns up at Bernadette’s, she realises it’s a set up. Angry with Bernie for betraying her, Tiff tries to do a runner but Whitney and Sonia insist she hear them out. Tiffany says that she needs to find money fast and a desperate Sonia tells Tiff she’ll find her the cash if she promises to stay for the night. But is she bluffing?

EastEnders Mitch Taylor and Chantelle

Mitch is shocked to see his daughter Chantelle Atkins.

Denise and Kim try to recruit Stacey to help out with their pop up salon but Stacey isn’t interested. Instead, they’re forced to hold trials at the house to find another hairdresser, but Kim has impossibly high standards! Just as Denise is about to throw in the towel, a young woman, Chantelle, arrives and impresses both of them. They gloat to Mitch after offering her the job only to find out that Chantelle is Mitch and Karen’s daughter!

Also, Habiba tries to make amends with Billy to stop him letting Adam know how nasty she was about Honey.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30pm

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