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EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater is reunited with her daughter!

Hayley is reunited with her baby
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Hayley rushes to hospital when something's wrong with her baby, Tina makes a shocking discovery about Linda, and Cora struggles to look after baby Abi.

It’s Stacey’s birthday and the Slaters want to celebrate but Stacey has Hayley on her mind. She has a go at Kat for not supporting their cousin and Kat feels bad.

At the Ahmeds’, things take a worrying turn when it appears there’s something wrong with the baby. They call Hayley and insist she meets them at the hospital right away. A worried Hayley rushes to the hospital while the baby has tests.

All are relieved to learn everything is fine. When Kat sees Masood, she guesses what’s gone on and she hurries to the hospital to track down Hayley and the Ahmeds. When the social worker arrives to talk about the baby’s care, Mariam and Kat fight Hayley’s corner. It’s agreed that Hayley can take her daughter. But Bev arrives and takes the baby – and Hayley – home with her…

Linda plans to meet Stuart

Linda Carter agrees to meet up with Stuart.

Ritchie visits the Carters to give them an update on Mick’s case. They are disheartened when she suggests Mick plead guilty to get a lesser sentence. Tina is stunned when Linda coldly tells Ritchie that her services are no longer needed. Suspicious that there’s something going on, Tina gets hold of Linda’s phone and makes a worrying discovery. She follows Tina to a café and is horrified to see her warmly greeting Stuart.

Max has a new solicitor and his hopes are bolstered when the solicitor is positive about his chances of winning custody of baby Abi. Meanwhile, Cora is trying to care for Abi but it’s clear she’s struggling. After an incident, the cracks are starting to show. Cora confides in Martin but begs him not to tell Max.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday