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EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler and Stacey are caught in a compromising position by the police!

Eastenders Martin Fowler Stacey Fowler
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Martin and Stacey are caught in a compromising position, Denise encourages Kim to report Vincent’s disappearance, Jack has words with Hunter.

Sonia has a go at Martin for getting it on with Stacey in the allotment shed. A mortified Martin apologises. Sonia accepts his apology and agrees not to tell anyone. It’s too late, however, as Ted has already blabbed to Patrick. Now the whole of Albert Square is in the know! When Martin and Stacey mess around in Martin’s van they end up getting caught by the police – and a crowd of onlookers!

Denise is concerned about Kim, who is stressing about Vincent’s whereabouts. Denise thinks Kim should get the police involved because talking to his friends and acquaintances is getting her nowhere. Kim’s reluctant to phone the police but Denise says she’s owes it to Pearl. Kim realises the wisdom in Denise’s words and goes to the police station…

After Keegan’s accusations about Hunter, Jack pays him a visit to see what he has to say about the stolen money. Mel jumps to her son’s defence and Jack’s forced to back off. In a bid to get Hunter on his own, Jack makes up a white lie to get Mel out of the room. Jack confronts Hunter again but after a chat, they shake hands and Jack thinks that’s the end of things. But could he be wrong?