EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter collapses at Whitney trial!

EastEnders Mick Carter
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EastEnders spoilers... Mick Carter takes a turn for the worse when on the witness stand, Kush Kazemi turns to gambling to pay off a debt and Mitch Baker is faced with rejection

Mick Carter is in a bad way in the courtroom in Friday’s episode of EastEnders (8 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick gets ready for court in EastEnders

Linda Carter offers hubby Mick Carter some support as he heads to the trial

It’s the second day of Whitney Dean’s trial and she’s in an extra agitated state after the events of the previous day. Sonia Fowler does her best to reassure Whitney, telling her everything will be fine. Under intense scrutiny from the prosecution, Whitney finds the courage to stand up for herself and the truth.

Next on the stand is Mick Carter, who was there on the fateful day when Leo King died. The prosecution push him for answers and his anxiety builds. With all of his recent stresses, it seems his panic attacks have returned as he clutches his chest and collapses.

Kush arrives with a wad of cash in EastEnders

Kush Kazemi saves the day for the Slaters!

Kat Slater is desperate not to get evicted from the house and knows she needs to come up with the money for landlady Suki Panesar fast. Stacey Slater suggests that she sell some of her stuff online as at least it will cover them for a month. Everyone is delighted when Kush Kazemi walks in, holding a wad of cash.

In the general celebrations only Jean Slater is suss about where the money came from. Finding Suki, Kush hands her the money, promising her the rest will be with her very soon. Kush gets on his tablet and opens up a gambling app, placing a huge bet…

Karen Taylor’s heart is broken after her daughter Chantelle Atkins’ funeral. Her dad Mitch Baker is feeling just as lost and he tells Karen that he loves her. Karen insists that she’s with Billy Mitchell and she suggests that he moves out of the flat for a while until the dust settles.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday 8 pm.

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