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EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Fowler stuns Kat Moon as Martin shoves Kush!

Martin pushes Kush in EastEnders
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Stacey Fowler's war with Kat Moon turns dirty, Habiba Ahmed may win her man after all, and Mick Carter makes a decision about son Ollie Carter...

Martin Fowler and best mate Kush Kazemi are still at loggerheads in EastEnders over Kush’s proposed custody battle for his son with Martin’s wife Stacey Fowler.

With tensions escalating between the pair, a fed up Shirley suggests they settle their differences with a boxing match! The market traders create a make-shift ring. But before they can step in for round one, Kush spots some kids stealing Martin’s money belt! Martin and Kush chase after the thieves and Kush gets the money belt back. A grateful Martin finally has an honest and open chat with Kush and they agree to call a truce.

Meanwhile, Kush’s girlfriend Kat Moon is trying to patch things up with Stacey Fowler. But she doesn’t have much luck after asking Stacey for the stolen money back. Stacey is furious with Kat and makes a drastic decision…

Mariam Ahmed makes preparations to see her granddaughter Habiba Ahmed’s potential husband. She’s hopeful the couple will be a match as they have similar interests. But at the meeting isn’t a success as they’re clearly not suited to each other.

Habiba’s secret lover Adam Bateman spots Habiba with her potential suitor and he is filled with jealousy. Adam confesses to Habiba he couldn’t stand to see her with another man and he tells her that he’s going to end things with his girlfriend Honey so they can be together.

Mick tells Gray about the race

Mick tells Gray about the race

Mick Carter, Gray Atkins and his wife Chantelle Atkins come up with a plan for the Walford 10k run to raise money for charity. Mick admits to his wife Linda Carter that he wants to run to raise money to help their young son Ollie Carter.

Then they can send him to a private autism specialist rather than having to wait for months to get an appointment through the NHS. What will Linda say?

Also, Jack Branning tries to raise money to get his great niece Abi Branning back. Callum Highway struggles to be enthusiastic when wife-to-be Whitney Dean books the wedding venue.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 Tuesday at 7.30 pm

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