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EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean and Kush Kazemi are up in court!

Whitney Dean is at her bail hearing in EastEnders.

In an hour-long special, Whitney Dean and Kush Kazemi face the courts, Bex prepares to say goodbye and Linda makes a sacrifice.

Whitney Dean and Kush Kazemi go to court for the murder and assault of Leo King in Friday’s hour-long episode of EastEnders (at the later time of 8.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

EastEnders Kush Kazemi

Will Kush Kazemi be talked into pleading guilty? (Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

It’s the day of Kush Kazemi’s court appearance for GBH against Leo King after being accused of pushing him from the Prince Albert balcony. With Leo six feet under, Kush is determined to plead not guilty.

Kush’s solicitor Gray Atkins is under pressure from his boss to convince Kush not to fight the case, however, as they don’t want to lose. On the way to court Gray tries to seed doubts in Kush’s mind about going for a ‘not guilty’ plea. What will Kush do?

Gray Atkins is under pressure at the bail hearing for Whitney Dean

Gray Atkins is under pressure at the bail hearing for Whitney Dean

Whitney Dean is also up in court, charged with murdering Leo King after handing herself in for stabbing him in self-defence. The case hasn’t come to court just yet but Whitney’s bail terms are being set. With Gray representing Whitney as well as Kush, he’s feeling stressed about the outcome. Will a vulnerable Whitney be allowed out of jail or will she be kept inside until her trial?

Bex Fowler is all set to head off travelling and she’s excited about her adventure. But it looks like her plans may be stopped before they even start when her passport goes missing. Bex is immediately suspicious that her mum Sonia Fowler has hidden the passport to stop her going.

She confronts Sonia, who insists that Bex is making the wrong decision by leaving. When Bex’s dad Martin Fowler weighs in and attempts to make Sonia see sense, she remains stubborn. Even Sonia’s uncles Max Branning and Jack Branning can’t talk her round. Bex writes her mum a heartfelt letter. Will Sonia finally give her daughter her blessing to go?

Linda Carter in EastEnders

Linda Carter vows to make things up to her son Ollie Carter (Image credit: BBC / Dan Goldmsith)

Linda Carter and husband Mick Carter are trying to get their lives back on track following the terrifying boat crash. When their son Ollie Carter has a school competition, Linda is determined to make amends for her neglect when she was in the grip of alcoholism and she makes Ollie a costume. The couple are delighted when Ollie wins second place. Linda bravely clears out her old secret stash of booze, encouraged by a supportive Tina Carter.

Also, Lola Pearce makes a big decision and Shirley Carter speaks to Jean Carter about her suspicions over Suki Panesar.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday 8 pm