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Willmott Brown shocks Max Branning at meeting!

EastEnders Willmott Brown Max
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Max Brown visits Willmott Brown after he’s called to a meeting but he's shocked by the task that Willmott Brown gives him, meanwhile Ian has news for Kathy

Max visits Willmott Brown after he’s called to a meeting. He’s shocked, however, by the task that Willmott Brown gives him, wondering how he’ll ever pull it off...will he follow Wilmott Brown's plan?

Meanwhile, Ian Beale breaks the news to Kathy that he and Jane are planning to move out of Walford to be near Bobby. Kathy gets upset when Ian  reveals to her and Sharon that they're selling the café to Weyland & Co. Ian tries to explain things to Kathy in the hope that she’ll come round to the idea.

Lauren and Abi are back in Albert Square. They are still bickering, despite their time away with their mum.  Abi confides in Donna that Lauren has been driving her mad. When Donna encourages Abi to tell the truth about her pregnancy, Abi brushes off her concerns. Later, Abi is fuming when Lauren turns up at the flat with some shock news. Lauren reveals she needs to move in with Abi, as Ian and Jane are moving away.

Martin doesn’t know what to do when a traumatised Stacey pushes him away, refusing to see their baby. Stacey has a heart-to-heart with Michlle. Will it encourage her to talk to Martin and visit their daughter in the NICU?

Elsewhere, Ben’s surprised when Luke asks him out on a date again