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Eileen finds out about Billy and Todd in Corrie

Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Eileen listens in to the boys' private conversation

Billy tells Todd that they’ll have to cancel their trip to Formby as he’s been left to run the community centre playgroup. As Billy surveys Aadi, Simon and Amy causing mayhem, he realises it’s going to be a long day - until Todd arrives to help out. Billy suggests to Todd they have a night on the town and as they wait in Tyrone’s cab, they discuss their relationship - unaware that a furious Eileen listens to every word over the cab radio!

Having been discharged from hospital for the day, Sarah returns home with Harry where David shocks the Platt’s by telling them he’s already chosen Kylie’s last outfit for the funeral. Aware he’s struggling, Sarah suggests to David he should keep Kylie’s jewellery for Lily but he tells her to mind her own business. When Gemma asks about funeral arrangements, David flies into a rage and bans her from the funeral.

Michelle tells Liz that she and Steve are going to try for a baby.

Yasmeen tells Zeedan to sort out his differences with Rana as it’s clear they still have feelings for each other.