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Elly gets into a fight!

And it is with Mark's sister!

Elly tells Steph that Mark made a move on her. Steph isn't surprised, as Mark is desperate to get over Paige. Elly admits that she does have feelings for Mark but won't be in a rebound relationship. Later, Elly spots Mark meeting up with an attractive young woman and can't help but keep an eye on them. However, Elly is left furious when she spots Mark's date going through his wallet. Elly confronts her and the pair end up in a catfight. Mark breaks them up and tells Elly that his date is his little sister Chloe!

After thinking things through, Paige tells Jack that they need a fresh start and moving to Queensland would be perfect for their family. Mark agrees and the couple begin the process of telling friends and family. Jack begins by telling Steph, but Paige struggles to tell Terese. Will Paige be able to break the news or will someone else do it for her?

Also, David feels conflicted over his feelings for Rafael. He's angry at Rafael and the damage he has caused to Amy’s business, but he understands Rafael's need to seek justice for his mother’s death. Will David be able to move on and give his relationship with Rafael one more try?