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Emma deals with the fall-out of the hearing

(Image credit: BBC)

Emma visits Paul and Rhiannon, who are having a tough time and not talking. They tell Emma that the hearing was a waste of time and they think they’ll still lose the baby. However, Emma has some inspiring words for them both.

Mrs Tembe tells the Partners her plans - which include Karen and Valerie coming in on Saturday, paid, to implement phase one of The Mill becoming paperless. She also wants to adopt a new software system. Zara's impressed but Daniel isn't convinced when he sees her being pernickety with Valerie. He tells Zara that Mrs Tembe is micromanaging the reception staff but Zara tells him to have faith.

Rob isn’t surprised when Karen gets cold feet about fostering children. She thinks that they will be setting themselves up for heartbreak but when he assures her they’ll be fine, the pair start to fill out the form.