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Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle kisses his ex Charity Dingle!

Emmerdale, Cain Dingle

In the aftermath of his mega bust-up with wife Moira and daughter Debbie, Cain spirals further out of control and tries to snog his ex love, Charity!

Cain Dingle is a man on the edge now his wife Moira and daughter Debbie want nothing to do with him, following the fallout from Cain's involvement in the death of Debbie's missing fiance Joe Tate.

As word gets round about Cain's brutish behaviour, after he trashed the kitchen at Butler's Farm and accidentally lashed out at Moira at the same time, Cain's mum Faith and his ex-lover Charity know something has to be done and someone has to confront him.

Emmerdale - Cain loses it with Moira

Danger zone! Cain attacked wife Moira... (Picture: ITV)

Unfortunately, Charity draws the short straw. When she arrives at Butler's Farm she's distgusted by both the state of the place and Cain. But there's an even bigger shock in store for Charity, when her ex-bad boy lover starts getting all handsy and tries to kiss her! Could Cain and Charity's kiss seal the fate of his marriage to Moira?

Elsewhere in the village, cash-strapped Bob Hope doesn't have enough money to cover his bill at the B&B. And with owners Eric Pollard and Diane Sugden pressuring him to pay-up or get out, Bob has no choice but to find another roof over his head.

But desperate times call for desperate measures and it looks like Bob's new home is going to be the cellar at The Woolpack...

Meanwhile, Debbie is still reeling from the revelation Cain killed Joe and can't imagine she will ever forgive him. But with the killer secret weighing heavily on her, Debbie decides to spill the beans to someone else. But who will she tell?

Also, teenager Jacob Gallagher freezes secret older lover Maya Stepney out after the twisted teacher refused to give in to his ultimatum about the affair they have been having behind the back of Jacob's stepdad David, also Maya's boyfriend.

Robert despairs when Aaron arrives

Robert despairs when an unexpected houseguest arrives in the shape of Spamela Hamderson! (Picture: ITV)

And it's a crowded house for couple Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden when family relatives Kyle Wyatt and Noah Dingle temporarily come to stay... plus new Dingle pet piglet Spamela Hamderson. So much for peace and quiet!

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV