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Emmerdale spoilers! What's this? Cain Dingle wants to know if Will Taylor is dealing drugs out of his garage

At the garage, angry Cain Dingle finds a suspicious package in a client's car and confronts his shifty mechanic Will Taylor

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle makes an unwelcome discovery in Tuesday's episode on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

At the garage, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is pretty sure he knows what he's found when he happens upon a suspicious looking package in a client's car. But he wants his jumpy mechanic Will (Dean Andrews) to explain in his own words.

With Will being blackmailed by dodgy DI Malone (Mark Womack), he's stressed to the max and, unable to keep it to himself any longer, tells Cain everything.

Will comes clean to Cain about Malone in Emmerdale

Cain confronts Will and demands to know if he's dealing drugs out of his garage

Not about to have his business compromised by a copper - and a bent one at that - Cain vows to confront Malone and put an end to it all.

With Vanessa's (Michelle Hardwick) cancer secret now known by her sister Tracy (Amy Walsh), the siblings have a heart-to-heart.

Their conversation leaves Vanessa's fiancée Charity (Emma Atkins) feeling pushed out and soon a row blows up. Can Vanessa get them both to pull together?

Things reach boling point between Chairty and Tracey in Emmerdale

Charity and Tracy start a row about caring for Vanessa who's got bowel cancer

At the Woolpack, Jai (Chris Bisson) broaches the topic of moving in together with girlfriend Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

Jai asks Laurel to move in with him in Emmerdale

Jai and Laurel talk about moving in together

In an ideal world this would be lovely but Laurel is keeping a secret from Jai and has promised her son Arthur that she wouldn't tell him that he bullied Jai's younger son Archie.

What will the conflicted mum do?