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Emmerdale spoilers: Ouch! Charity Dingle punches Marlon

Emmerdale, Marlon Dingle, Jessie Grant, Charity Dingle

Charity loses her temper when Hotten Academy headteacher Jessie lays down the law about her troublesome teenage son Noah...

With Charity Dingle for a mum, it's perhaps no surprise her teenage son Noah is now getting into a whole lot of trouble!

After falling in with bad girl Leanna Cavanagh, Noah has been getting involved with Leanna's pranks which have so far included flooding the school by blocking the toilets, releasing animals from the village vets and joyriding in Daz Spencer's stolen car.

But now Noah is facing disciplinary action from Hotten Academy headteacher Jessie Grant. Jessie's fella Marlon Dingle pleads with her to go easy on the lad, secretly worried about getting on the wrong side of family relative, Charity.

However, Jessie's not about to let Noah get away with more mischief and soon finds herself going head-to-head with Charity. But when their showdown gets heated and Marlon tries to step in to calm the situation, Charity snaps and lashes out!

Emmerdale, Pete Barton, Dawn

Dawn gets the wrong idea about Pete's kindness and kisses him!

Meanwhile, Pete Barton feels a duty to help his brother Ross's troubled friend Dawn, who has been sleeping rough in the shed at the Community Garden.

It looks like Dawn has fallen on desperate times again when Pete finds her soliciting at a local car park. But when kind-hearted Pete offers to take Dawn back to the village and let her stay with him and partner Rhona Goskirk for a while, Dawn gets the wrong idea and tries to kiss Pete!

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV