Emmerdale spoilers: What's Chas and Paddy's BIG baby secret?

Chas and Paddy's baby news in Emmerdale

Chas and Paddy celebrate good news at their 20-week scan but decide to share their secret solely with late daughter Gracie

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is in the doghouse with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) for messing about with the appointment for their crucial 20-week scan. The occasion is riddled with emotion having previously caused a lot of pain for the pair.

Seeing the couple hurting and coming from different places in their approach to their late daughter Grace which is tangled up with their hopes for a healthy pregnancy, Cain encourages his sister Chas to tell Paddy about how she really feels…

At the hospital, Chas and Paddy are on tenterhooks as the sonographer gets to work, having a really good look at the development the child Chas is carrying. After what seems like the longest time, the couple are bowled over with joy to hear their baby is perfectly healthy!

Baby news for Paddy and Chas in Emmerdale

Chas and Paddy attend their 20-week scan and are overjoyed to hear their baby is healthy

Back at home the Dingles gather to revel in the good news together but Chas and Paddy are harbouring a secret from their loved ones and have decided to share it with Gracie – and Gracie alone.

Later, at their baby's graveside the parents talk to Grace about her sibling and entrust her with their secret about the baby's gender…

Elsewhere, Megan (Gaynor Faye) needs money to cover her legal fees now she's come clean about causing the car crash which hospitalised Pollard (Chris Chittell). When Megan approaches Kim about holding an event at Home Farm, Kim (Claire King) revels in the power she holds over her former love rival. Not about to help Megan, Kim happily refuses.

In the Woolie, Megan breaks down in tears in conversation with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker). Things get worse when Kim marches in and has a go at Megan in front of everyone about causing the crash because she was texting while driving.

Megan breaks down in Emmerdale

Megan breaks down as she talks to Manpreet about her problems

Megan breaks down in Emmerdale

Kim strides in to the Woolpack and humiliates Megan in front of the punters

It's excruciating for Megan who feels utterly hated until an unlikely friend offers her an olive branch…

Debbie (Charley Webb) does a good turn for Nate (Jurell Carter) and convinces Cain (Jeff Hordley) to let him have his caravan on the farm.

Debbie meets Nate in Emmerdale

Debbie persuades Cain to let Nate keep his caravan on the farm

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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