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Emmerdale spoilers: Is Liv Flaherty the secret stalker of Lachlan White?

Emmerdale spoilers: Is Liv Flaherty the secret stalker of Lachlan White?

If it isn't the suspicious Sharma family, who else could be sending cryptic text messages to village killer Lachlan? Could it be teenager Liv?

Lachlan continues to panic over the cryptic text messages he has been receiving. Does someone in the village know his killer secrets?

With the suspicious Sharma family and his own girlfriend Belle already keeping an eye on him, Lachlan wonders who else could be on to him. And when he sees Liv looking shifty outside the cafe while she uses her phone, he begins to wonder if the teenage school girl is his secret stalker!

Lachlan White watches Gerry Roberts as he heads to retrieve the barrel!

Lachlan bumped off poor Gerry and Liv has confronted Lachlan over the "accident" - is she his secret stalker?

After all, Liv has already confronted him over what really happened the day Lachlan's best buddy Gerry was killed in "accident" at the village and B&B.

But what will he do to stop Liv in her tracks?

Elsewhere in the village, Ross is surprised when Rebecca approaches him at the garage, wanting to give their relationship another try.

And Moira continues to show her support for son Matty after he was recently beaten-up and taken to hospital. Moira is pleased when decides to stick around and hopes they can re-build their shaky relationship following the shock revelation transgender Matty used to be Moira's daughter Hannah.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV