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Emmerdale spoilers! You're hired… David gives Matty Barton a job

Emmerdale spoilers! You're hired… David Metcalfe gives Matty Barton a job in the shop

Matty Barton takes a job in David's shop

Matty Barton makes Moira a proud mum when he accepts a job in David's shop. Having proved he's not cut out for farming, Matty (Ash Palmisciano) finds another way to earn money locally so he can put down roots in Emmerdale again.

Rebecca's imprisonment in the woods continues. Running out of water completely, she knows she won't survive long.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, the children tell their parents about the spooky sounds they heard while they were collecting firewood. Jimmy, Nicola, Laurel and co dismiss their kids' theories leaving the young friends determined to return to the spooked spot.

Elsewhere, Beth returns to the village and creates a whole new set of problems for Amelia and the Spencers…

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