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Emmerdale spoilers: A new romance for Debbie Dingle?

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle

Cain is determined his daughter Debbie moves on from former fiance Joe. So he decides to play Cupid between Debbie and a handsome client!

It's been three months since Debbie Dingle last saw her "runaway" fiance Joe Tate, after he disappeared on their wedding day.

But Debbie is having trouble moving on from Joe and still searching for clues about his whereabouts, now she believes him to be a missing person.

So this is all bad news for Debbie's dad Cain who secretly knows (mostly!) what happened to Joe last October, after he pushed him during a fight outside Home Farm, causing Joe to fall and hit his head. Joe's right hand man, Graham Foster then drove off with Joe's body in the boot of his car...

To help cover his own tracks, Cain decides Debbie needs some encouragement to get over Joe. So the garage boss decides to play Cupid between Debbie and a handsome client.

But will it be romance or rejection when Debbie and the fella meet-up at The Woolpack? And will Debbie begin to wonder why her dad is so keen to erase Joe from her life?

Meanwhile, the village is still reeling from the shock turn of events outside The Woolpack, when Vanessa Woodfield was stabbed by a mystery arsonist who then stole her car and drove off with Vanessa's son Johnny in the backseat!

Emmerdale, Maya Stepney, Jacob Gallagher, David Metcalfe

David is pleased when his teacher girlfriend Maya offers his teenage son Jacob some private tuition. But if only David knew what's really going on between the pair... (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere, scheming teacher Maya Stepney comes up with a way to spend more time with her lovestruck student Jacob Gallagher by offering the teenager some private tuition with his school work.

Maya's boyfriend David Metcalfe is pleased to see his girlfriend and son Jacob getting on so well. But if only David knew the terrible truth, that seductress Maya has anything but studying on her mind when it comes to Jacob...

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV