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Emmerdale spoilers: Will Vinny report his violent dad Paul to the police?

Vinny clams up in Emmerdale

Vinny hasn't told anyone about Paul's violence… but is he about to break his silence?

Vinny needs to speak out in Monday's episode of Emmerdale on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

So Vinny's in hospital having been beaten to a pulp by his dad Paul. But the vicious attack is not a one-off and something needs to be done.

Violent Paul (Reece Dinsdale) turned on Vinny (Bradley Johnson) when his son confronted him about faking his 'kidnap' to get his mitts on Liv's (Isobel Steele) inheritance, which she kindly offered up to meet the 'ransom' demand.

Vinny clams up in Emmerdale

The police question Vinny about his attack (Picture: ITV)

When Vinny told his dad he was going to tell Mandy (Lisa Riley), the red mist descended and he tore into his lad.

With Paul determined to stop Mandy from finding out that there's a lot more to his list of problems than a gambling habit, he's going to stop at nothing to keep his secrets.

As far as Paul's concerned once he's married Mandy next week all will be well.

But Vinny's girlfriend Liv has called the police.

Paul is horrified when he arrives on the ward and finds a detective talking to Vinny.

What is Paul up to in Emmerdale

Vinny panics when Liv grills Paul (Picture: ITV)

Clocking the scene through the window, Paul arrives and glowers at his son, terrifying Vinny into silence. But will Vinny stay quiet?

Liv can't understand why Vinny's own dad doesn't want something to be done about the attack on his son.

As she questions Paul's motives, Vinny panics. He can see how cross his dad is getting. Fearful that Paul will lash out at Liv, too, Vinny tells her to leave.

Back in the village, Will (Dean Andrews) is about to get himself in a terrible tangle with a Tate.

Harriet is heartbroken in Emmerdale

Vicar Harriet is punishing herself for the crimes she's committed (Picture: ITV)

He's down in the cellar – where Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) is punishing herself for the crimes she committed in covering up Malone's murder – when Kim (Claire King) arrives!

Will defends his actions in Emmerdale

Will is helping Harriet stay hidden and is deeply worried about his ex's state of mind (Picture: ITV)

Will dashes up the stairs and, in a bid to stop questioning Kim wondering if something is going on in the basement at Woodbine, he ends up sleeping with her!

Kim's excited in Emmerdale

Kim calls in to Woodbine and Will ends up sleeping with her to stop her finding out about what's going on down in the cellar of her property (Picture: ITV)

Knowing Harriet will have heard everything, Will desperately hopes that his fragile ex won't be in worse state.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.