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Emotions run high at Trevor's funeral!

As Grace and Sienna prepare for Trevor’s funeral, Adam Donovan turns up, furious at Liam and Jesse for burning his salon down, which is why they've arrived in Hollyoaks. Liam and Jesse beg Adam to let them stay so they can comfort Grace at the funeral. As Trevor’s hearse arrives in the village, Grace spots Joe wearing Trevor’s leather jacket and accuses Mercedes of being Trevor's other woman! At the funeral, Grace asks Sienna for a tissue. She notices the exact same lipstick in Sienna's make-up bag as the one she found in Trevor's car and when she calls the number she found on Trevor's phone, it's Sienna's phone that rings…

Mercedes and Joe play a game to decide baby girl Roscoe's name and Joe wins. They're delighted when the hospital tells them their daughter, Alexandra, 'Lexi' for short, can come home.

Also, Nancy and Darren decide to set Maxine up with Dirk, but Cindy walks in on their date at The Dog. When Dirk tells Cindy he’s not over her, she asks him to take her back.