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Ethan unravels before Cal’s funeral!

Cal's funeral
Heartbroken Ethan turns up at Cal's funeral a bit worse for wear... (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan reaches crisis point on the morning of Cal’s funeral. Will he make it to his brother’s burial?

Cal's funeral

Cal's friends celebrate his life as they lay him to rest. Lofty (Lee Mead) returns for the funeral (Image credit: BBC)

The ED is united in grief on the morning of murdered medic Cal Knight’s funeral. Doctor Ethan Hardy is especially determined to give his brother a memorable send off. Ethan quickly loses focus on the funeral, however, after he collects Cal’s bloodstained possessions from the hospital. Instead he becomes determined to find out everything he can of Cal’s final moments…

Spotting an opportunity, Ethan volunteers to work a shift prior to the funeral when the understaffed ED is faced with a coach crash. When no one is looking, however, Ethan sneaks into classified files and grabs a copy of Cal’s post-mortem! It’s then he makes the horrifying discovery that dying Cal was conscious when he was brought into the ED…

Devastated by the post mortem and in emotional turmoil, Ethan leaves the ED and gets really drunk!

He makes it to his brother’s funeral but will he say something he regrets?

Cal's funeral

Cal's ED friends help Ethan carry his brother's coffin (Image credit: BBC)

Also this week, David turns to Dylan for guidance, only for Dylan to hand him a copy of Nietzsche!

Lily’s delighted to discover she’s passed her fellowship exam. Will Lily and Iain be pushed together or pulled apart after drunk and angry Ethan makes a cutting remark about their budding relationship?

Guest starring this week is Paul Loughran – best known as Butch Dingle in Emmerdale – in a heartbreaking story about a grieving father and son relationship damaged by secrets and lies.