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Evelyn breaks down at the funeral

Evelyn MacGuire in Home and Away
(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Evelyn says a final goodbye to Hannah and Oscar

It’s the day of Hannah and Oscar’s funeral and Evelyn breaks down when she puts roses on their coffins. Evelyn and Josh talk about the future and decide to get married the next day.

Alf tells Greg that Tank is responsible for the explosion. Meanwhile, Josh notices that Andy has left the funeral early and finds him at home distraught over the deaths from the explosion.

Billie tells Phoebe she was raped and as a result is pregnant, but won’t to go to the police after she falsely accused Nate. Leah tells Billie that she is welcome at the house anytime and the pair discuss her relationship with VJ. Afterwards, VJ and Billie have a moment alone, and when VJ learns in to kiss her, Billie pulls away.

Skye tells Olivia that Tank caused the explosion. Unfortunately, Hunter overhears and tells Zac, Evelyn and Leah. Zac immediately heads to the hospital and tells Tank that he will pay for his actions.