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Evelyn and Matt get married!

(Image credit: JEREMY GREIVE)

Family and friends gather as Matt and Evelyn make their vows...

The residents of Summer Bay are thrilled that Matt and Evelyn have decided to get married and everyone is ready to pitch in and make the big day one to remember.

Everything seems to be going without a hitch, until Zac tells Evelyn that his flight's been cancelled and he won't be back in time. Evelyn's devastated but Zac demands she goes ahead with her wedding plans so, in front of friends and family, Matt and Evelyn are declared husband and wife! Zac arrives to catch the reception but Leah is cold towards her husband. After the ceremony, Zac finally tells Leah he slept with Sam…

Also, John tells Marilyn he has found them a place to stay in the city. While John is excited for their new life away from Summer Bay, Marilyn is hiding her misery. Will Marilyn stand by her husband and leave behind her nearest and dearest?