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Will Evelyn ever be ready for a new relationship?

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Or is Matt just wasting his time?

As the fire brigade arrives, Evelyn is left shaken at the thought of losing Matt. The next morning, she tells Zac she’s not strong enough to handle another loss. That's when Zac tells Evelyn it's time to move on. Later, Matt declares his love for Evelyn - but does she feel the same?

Meanwhile, things between Heath and Bianca are improving by the day and they're both keen to make sure their relationship stays on the right track. When Heath suggests they start therapy, Bianca agrees to give it a try. But will she turn up to the first session?

Olivia decides to attend the school prom with Mason, while Hunter goes by himself. It’s clear the exes still have chemistry, but Olivia feels torn as she’s developing feelings for Mason. Who will she choose?