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How far will Gary Canning go to protect Xanthe?

Gary Canning in Neighbours

Furious Gary Canning wants Cooper to pay for what he did to Xanthe

When Susan interviews Cooper about Xanthe’s allegation he denies it. The situation escalates when Cooper’s mother, Maureen, shows up at the Canning house. Sheila realises that the Knights family could dig up any dirt on Xanthe to defend their son and cautions a furious Gary to stay out of it.

Piper’s in detention when she’s sees Gary lurking in the corridor. He reveals he’s looking for Cooper and asks if Piper knows where he lives.

Madison is having trouble securing a live act for the waterhole. But Terese smells a rat and goes to find Paul. Paul admits he has thrown a spanner in the works and beneath their argument, the sexual tension between them sizzles.

Aaron tells Elly to change her strategy with Ned, so when she shows up to let Ned know she’s free for dinner, she’s shocked when Madison enters, glammed up and ready for a dinner with Ned. Meanwhile, Maureen Knights shows up at the hospital and reveals that Cooper’s been assaulted and is unconscious.