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FIGHT! Sisters Chrissie and Rebecca fall out

Lawrence White, Chrissie White, Rebecca White
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

The White sisters fall out when Rebecca's betrayal is exposed in Emmerdale

It’s Rebecca’s birthday, but celebrations soon turn to commiserations and a catfight when all hell breaks loose! Realising his aunt is out to hurt his mum, Lachlan gets in there first by revealing Rebecca’s fling with Chrissie’s ex husband Robert. As the sisters start scrapping, Rebecca then announces she knows Chrissie isn’t Lawrence’s biological daughter. How will Chrissie react?

Cain’s chuffed when Moira backs him up when the police come calling. But later, Cain makes a shock suggestion to Charity...

When Frank offers to babysit Johnny, Vanessa has no idea he’s using his grandchild to get access to Megan, who he invites on a play date with her daughter Eliza!