Fletch in crisis as daughter Evie turns deceitful

Ever since his wife Natalie died earlier this year, Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher has been doing his best to juggle his job as ward manager on AAU with raising four young children alone. But, this week, he's forced to send his eldest daughter, Evie, off for her first day at a new school in shoes that are falling apart. Fletch soon has bigger problems, though, when Evie later turns up at Holby as one of the pupils involved in a school bus accident.

When Evie complains of a headache, Fletch orders an urgent MRI scan, fearing she could have a serious brain injury, which is what killed her mother, as it wasn’t diagnosed until it was too late. But Fletch soon learns Evie has lied - she wasn't involved in the accident at all. He's furious and tells Evie her lies put other patients at risk. But he's saddened when, later, another pupil, Rosa, reveals Evie got off the bus after being teased by another girl who'd noticed Evie was poor and that her shoes were worn out.

In a heart to heart, Evie confides in her dad that she didn't want to tell him she was being bullied as she feared he'd get stressed and suffer a heart attack! When Fletch realises Evie is not as blind to their financial troubles as he had hoped, he feels he’s letting his children down. Can Fletch prove he's a good dad?

Meanwhile, Guy introduces hot shot neurosurgeon, Annabelle Cooper (played by ex-EastEnders' star Nina Wadia), to the Keller team, thinking she'll fit in nicely with his plans for the new neuro centre. However, Annabelle's not quite so happy to watch from the side lines and wastes no time in proving her initiative. Guy is thrown when Annabelle takes Zosia under her wing, allowing her to impress during surgery. Seeing a chance to escape her father's shadow, Zosia's delighted to align herself with Annabelle...

Also, concerned that Mo has still not confronted the issue of her paternity, Adele takes matters into her own hands and tracks down Clifford via his medical files. Adele happily presents the information to Mo and is surprised when Mo reacts angrily. Mo makes it clear she needs to deal with this issue in her own time... and in her own way. 


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