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Fletch's lucky day?

holby fletch arty

The cash-strapped nurse Fletch is given a boost when a patient makes a life-enhancing gesture…

Fletch is surprised to see seasoned poker player Artem, whom he’s recently grown close to, back on AAU having apparently suffered a fall. Arty informs Fletch he won big at the casino the night before and Fletch is gobsmacked when Arty opens a large bag he’s carrying to reveal his winnings – in cash!

Arty’s feeling lucky until trauma surgeon Bernie reveals Arty's scan results show a large aneurysm in his stomach that could rupture any minute. Unfortunately, an underlying infection means that operating straight away could kill him.

Fletch begs Bernie to perform a less risky procedure and she agrees, only for a nervous Arty to refuse it. Betting man Arty eventually decides to have the op – but it’s a gamble that doesn’t pay off and he dies in surgery.

As Bernie consoles a devastated Fletch, she tells him Arty made a last-minute will – he's left Fletch all his winnings to spend on his kids. Has Arty given cash-strapped Fletch the last of his luck?

Meanwhile, when Sacha returns to Keller and suspects Essie and Raf are hiding a relationship from him, he delights in the attentions of a well-to-do patient. But is his pride masking a dark secret about his time away?

After winning her support for his stent project, Matteo's determined to woo Jac romantically. When a supposed old flame of Jac arrives on Darwin, will Matteo seize his moment?