Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segel has his girlfriend poached by Russell Brand's bad boy British rocker

Russell Brand is a scream as the British rocker who steals American TV star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) from her long-time boyfriend Jason Segel. Segel is heartbroken, but when he goes to Hawaii to get over her, he discovers that she and Brand are staying in the same hotel...

The film has plenty of rude gags for sure, but the mark of a great comedy - which this is - is that the humour is all character-driven. With his puppy dog sad eyes, Segel (who also scripted) couldn't be more of a contrast to the live-wire Brand, but he plays his love-lorn nerd to perfection.

Brand promptly steals the film with his opening scene and his performance is the funniest slice of extrovert ham this side of Pirates of the Caribbean.