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Grace plots against Reenie

Porsche decides the best way to keep mum Reenie away is the play dirty, so she begs Reenie's cellmate, Grace, to find a way to keep Reenie inside. Grace plants drugs in Reenie's moisturiser and, when their cell gets searched, Reenie is put in segregation.

Nico asks Sienna for some wine and, eager to please, Sienna reluctantly agrees. But, when she leaves the room, Nico swipes the full bottle and takes it to Peri's house. The next day, Nico is ill but Sienna suspects it's just a hangover until Nico is admitted to hospital with a suspected kidney infection.

Mariam sees Dr S'Avage with Sienna and is gripped with jealousy. She tracks Sienna down and reveals Dr S'Avage’s secret, which could ruin his career. Back at the hospital, Sienna tells Dr S'Avage what she knows.

Also, determined to prove her love to Jason, Holly plans a romantic surprise. But at what cost to herself?